TXGA connects not just products

What is TXGA connector?

For the public, the TXGA connector is a component part of thousands of electronic devices;

For engineers, TXGA connectors are a part of product design;

For designers,TXGA connectors are support for the idea of miniaturizing products

For us,TXGA represents our focus and persistence on connectors

It also represents the future, we will live together with you silently and safely with stable and stable connectors.

We develop and design connectors and cables

And connectors and cables are providing you with services

We were founded in 2005

We enter into all fields of production and life,

Military industry, aerospace, medical equipment, industrial manufacturing, etc. are all filled with our figure.

We look ordinary and ordinary

But we, with their own small figure is providing you with a connection

Have you found us in your side?

Construct Fundation for Innovation

TXGA provides systematic connectivity solutions in e-tech industry to help strengthen the connection between different fields, and contruct a rugged foundation to the intrustrial upgrading of the whole society.

TXGA is transforming its ambitious ideas into reality with solid paces. And we promise to help our industry, partners and users realize their commercial and social value as well.

We choose to partner with innovation leaders and technology entrepreneurs to make the connected life and wold possible.

As for technological innovation, cutting-edge technology is always the main role, but connector as an important component in the base is also an essential role.TXGA lays a solid foundation for technology innovation in its role as an architect.