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How to choose your aviation connector? Pay attention to these aspects

Aviation connectors are a category of connectors, also known as aviation plugs in the industry. It was named because it was originally used in the field of aviation. It is now widely used in the fields of navigation, aerospace, aviation, defense, military, nuclear industry, electric power and so on. TXGA has sophisticated equipment, leading technology and complete testing methods. There are many types of aviation connectors. Welcome to consult!

When selecting aviation connectors, electrical requirements are the basis for our selection. For example, what voltage and current requirements does the product have? Does the connector work well in such electrical applications? Also need to consider the effective volume and coverage area and allowable dimensional tolerances. In terms of durability, it is necessary to pay attention to the insertion and withdrawal force of the terminal and the number of times the connector can be inserted and removed. If the use environment has special temperature, humidity and other environmental conditions, you should choose a connector that is suitable for the location and the expected environment.

Precautions for using aviation connectors:

1. First of all, when using the aero connector, carefully read the instructions provided by the manufacturer, and follow the instructions on the instructions step by step. After confirming that they are correct, then use them normally.

2. Then it is to check whether the use environment of the aviation connector required in the instructions for use is in compliance. Aviation connectors provide surface termination, crimping, and through-hole reflow technology for termination methods, but the standard termination method is surface-mount technology.

3. Finally, according to the model and performance of the aviation connector, consumers can give full play to their imagination, and make reasonable placements in a targeted manner, and the connector can play a greater role.

TXGA has been supplying aviation connectors quickly for a long time, focusing on research and development for 15 years, and its quality can stand the test. Welcome to use!