Modular Connectors
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网络连接器(RJ45/RJ11) Network Connector (RJ45/RJ11) RJ45 连接器在使用中一般为8根金针制成的单口产品,特思嘉可根据网络上面的多网络接口出线方式,推出有两口,三口,四口,六口等多个连体形成的网络连接器以及双层联体的连接器。也可以根据工业方面客户的要求,提供具备过硬的密封防水性能以及保证信号不发生衰减的RJ45连接器。 RJ45 connector usually is a single port which is made of 8 gold pins. To meet the requirements multi-network interface outlet mode, TXGA has bring out more kinds of connectors, like 2 ports, 3 ports, 4ports, 6ports and multiple connection RJ45 and also double-deck types. Moreover, TXGA can provide a industry connector with a strong sealing and waterproofing performance and ensures no attenuation of the signal. NeRan RJ45插座, 侧面入口 NeRan RJ45 socket, Right angle entry NeRan NeTra RJ45插座, 顶部入口 NeTra RJ45 socket, Vertical entry NeTra Negl RJ45插座, 斜角入口 Negl RJ45 socket, Inclined angle entry Negl NeDur RJ45插头(水晶头) NeDur RJ45 plug (Modular plug) NeDur NeCab RJ45网络跳线 NeCab RJ45 network cable assemblies NeCab NAD 网络连接器 转接头 NAD Network connector Adapter NAD MoRan RJ11插座, 侧面入口 MoRan RJ11 socket, Right angle entry MoRan MoTra RJ11插座, 顶部入口 MoTra RJ11 socket, Vertical entry MoTra MoDur RJ11插头(水晶头) MoDur RJ11 plug (Modular plug) MoDur MoCab RJ11网络跳线 MoCab RJ11 network cable assemblies MoCab