Points rules

The TXGA official website points system has been launched, and users can earn points by registering, placing orders, and inviting friends. Points can be redeemed for exquisite gifts in TXGA Points Mall.


The rules of the TXGA points system are as follows:


1. Earn points

Register to get points: 500 points will be given to new users when registering an account;


Bonus points when placing an order: Users who place an order on the TXGA official website can get 2% of the value of the order as a bonus point. (If you place an order of 100,000, you can get 2,000 yuan worth of points as a gift). The order is deemed to be completed 14 days after the order is signed, and the points are automatically credited to the account. The proportion of bonus points is calculated based on the actual paid amount. Points cannot be earned for discounts, shopping vouchers, and other deductions.


Promotional points: After entering the personal homepage, click to join T+ Aggregation Chuangchang, and apply to become a Chuangyou. Invite new customers to complete registration by sending invitation codes, invitation links, invitation QR codes, etc., and then they will receive 100 points. After the successful establishment of the promotion relationship between the creator and the invitee, every order placed by the invitee, the creator will not only enjoy 1% of the inviter's order amount, but also directly receive a 3% cash rebate of the order amount! At the same time, the invitees can also apply to become creators and establish their own promotional relationships. For details, please refer to [T+ Aggregation Innovation Activity Rules].






2. Points query

Log in to the TXGA official website→Personal Center→Point Details, you can view the points and points income and expenditure details.




3. Use of points

Log in to the TXGA official website and enter the points mall to use points. Customers can choose points exchange, cash purchase or points + cash exchange. The difference between points and RMB is converted into 100 points = 1 RMB.


All gifts in the mall are delivered to the brand flagship store, and free delivery. Please check the goods before signing for gifts. Once the express parcel is signed and received without quality problems, it will not be returned or exchanged. If the received gift has serious quality problems, you need to contact customer service within three days from the date of receipt of the gift, and we will deal with it in a timely manner. If it is confirmed that it is a quality problem, re-delivery will be arranged for you, and the used points will not be returned.


TXGA points can only be used for gift redemption in the points mall, and cannot be used to deduct the payment payable for product orders.





The TXGA points system will be officially implemented on August 30, 2019. The final interpretation right belongs to TXGA. This rule is the basic rule. If there are activities superimposed, the activity rules will be applied first.