SIP Socket
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SIP插座 SIP Socket 母座采用爪簧式结构设计。插针插入母座后,母座爪簧的多个爪叶弹性变形,对插针形成抓力,使产品可在强振动条件下保持电接触的稳定可靠。 The mother seat adopts a claw spring structure design. After the pin is inserted into the mother seat, multiple claw leaves of the mother seat claw spring deform elastically, forming a gripping force on the pin, allowing the product to maintain stable and reliable electrical contact under strong vibration conditions. RuNaP SIP插座 2mm 公 RuNaP SIP socket 2mm Male RuNaP RuNaR SIP插座 2mm 母 RuNaR SIP socket 2mm Female RuNaR RuSaM SIP插座 2.54mm 公 RuSaM SIP socket 2.54mm Male RuSaM RuSaF SIP插座 2.54mm 母 RuSaF SIP socket 2.54mm Female RuSaF