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A complete user guide _by TXGA

Dear users, thank you for your trust in TXGA!

In order to facilitate the vast number of groups can get convenience, we have made a plan, from registration to order a complete guide, I hope to be useful to you!

1. Register an account

1. Log in: www.txga.com, click the "register" button in the upper right corner of the website.

2. Fill in the registration information and click "create account". Note: * is required

3. After the account is successfully created, the system will directly transfer to the membership center. First, we will improve the information so that we can better serve you.

Order online

1. Click the website navigation "product center" to view products online

2. Select and click the desired product

3. Further select the required product specifications

4. Further select the desired product model and add it to the shopping cart

Confirm the order and pay

1. Complete product selection and add to shopping cart. Click on the shopping cart to enter the shopping cart page. After checking the information, click settlement.

2. Add and select the shipping address added by the user center, and complete the information. If there are other orders, please note.

3. After filling in the above information, select the mode of delivery. After checking the information, choose to pay immediately.

Thanks for reading!