TXGA small batch order supply

Don’t worry when your order needs are special products in small batches, TXGA supports small batch order supply.

TXGA uses an ERP management system to process order information. The system can automatically merge current similar orders. The production department arranges more reasonable production according to the total demand for products displayed in the background, which can directly reduce the production cost and time caused by multiple online manufacturing in small batches. cost.

At the same time, we refer to F2C platform data and system data over the past 15 years in the industry to predict market demand for products. Based on the accurate forecast of demand, an inventory reserve plan and a semi-finished product modular plan were established. Let popular products ship quickly, avoid squeezing the production line of niche products, and reduce production costs and the cost of sluggish goods. Achieve a high level of consistency in inventory availability.

TXGA standard parts are sold starting from 1PCS, which truly realizes the desire of customers to find factory-made orders in small quantities, and guarantees various small-volume orders. Better support for retail.