Board to Board Connectors Pitch:0.40mm Pitch:0.50mm Pitch:0.80mm Pitch:1.00mm Pitch:1.27mm Pitch:2.00mm Pitch:2.54mm D-SUB Connectors High current Type Assembly shell Stamping terminal type Riveting press terminal type Stamping pin Combo type IDC type Machined terminal type Assemblies Waterproof USB Connectors Micro Type 3.1 C Type USB Connectors MiNi Type A Type B Type Micro Type 3.1 C Type Adapter SCSI Connectors SCSI Hoods Pitch:1.27mm Network connectors(RJ45/RJ11) RJ45 RJ11 Adapter Automotive Connectors OBD Pitch:3.00mm Circular Connectors M12 Type M16 Type Wire to Board Connectors Pitch:0.80mm Pitch:1.00mm Pitch:1.20mm Pitch:1.25mm Pitch:1.50mm Pitch:2.00mm Pitch:2.54mm Pitch:2.50mm Pitch:3.00mm Pitch:3.50mm Pitch:3.96mm Pitch:4.00mm Pitch:4.14mm Pitch:4.20mm Pitch4.50mm Pitch:5.03mm Pitch:5.08mm Pitch:6.20mm Pitch:6.35mm Pitch:8.00mm Pitch:7.50mm SIM Card Connectors MiNi Type Micro Type Nano Type SD Card Connectors Standard Type Micro Type FPC/FFC Connectors Pitch:0.30mm Pitch:0.50mm Pitch:1.00mm Pitch:1.25mm Pitch:2.54mm Pin Header Pitch:1.27mm Pitch:0.80mm Pitch:1.00mm Pitch:2.00mm Pitch:2.54mm Female Header Pitch:0.80mm Pitch:1.00mm Pitch:1.27mm Pitch:2.00mm Pitch:2.54mm SIP Connectors Pitch:2.00mm Pitch:2.54mm Box Header Connectors Pitch:1.27mm Pitch:2.00mm Pitch:2.54mm Ejector Box Header Pitch:1.27mm Pitch:2.00mm Pitch:2.54mm IDC Connectors Pitch:1.27mm Pitch:2.00mm Pitch:2.54mm Battery Connectors Button shape type Spring pin type Pogo pin type RF Connectors N SMA SMB TNC MCX MCRF DVI Connectors 24+1 HDMI Connectors A Type C Type Slot Connectors Pitch:2.54mm Cable Assemblies Multi-Conductor Single Conductor RF Cable Assemblies IDC Cable assemblies D-SUB Cable Assemblies Lan Cable Assemblies Flat Cable Assemblies USB Cables SCSI Cables Assemblies FFC Cables Pitch:0.50mm Pitch:1.00mm Circular cable M8 Type M12 Type Display Port Connectors Standard Type IC Sockets Pitch:2.54mm IEEE1394 connectors Terminal Blocks Pitch:5.00mm PCI Connectors Pitch:0.80mm Phone Jack Power Jack(AC/DC) ∅2mm SATA Connectors Pitch:1.27mm LVDS Connectors Pitch:0.50mm Printed Circuit Connectors JL23 JL24 JL27 JL35 Contact connector Crown lamella socket Pin Wire spring socket Charging Pile Module Power Connector Alternating current (AC) Direct Current (DC) Crown lamella socket

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