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These advantages of heavy-duty connectors make it more suitable for difficult environments

The heavy-duty connector is a type of connector, which is mainly used in many fields such as industrial automation, equipment manufacturing, industrial system buildings, and information and control technology. It is also called "industrial connector". TXGA has a large number of heavy-duty connectors in stock, a 15-year conscience manufacturer, and quality assurance.

The installation of the heavy-duty connector is to install the wire into the connector using the inlet and outlet holes, and then connect the cable to the male and female terminals, and then insert the male and female copper pins and jacks to complete the wiring process. For general connection terminals, the heavy-duty connector achieves better waterproof and explosion-proof effects.

The advantages of heavy-duty connectors:

1. Can be pre-assembled, pre-assembled with excessive and cumbersome circuits, can greatly improve equipment installation efficiency, reduce wiring error rate;

2. The heavy-duty connector brings a highly integrated connection method, and the rich integration form enhances the effective utilization of equipment space;

3. Heavy-duty connector The connector can complete the modular structure of each performance template block of the equipment conveniently and efficiently, so that the equipment can be transported, assembled, maintained and repaired conveniently and safely.

Heavy-duty connectors are used in the protection of high-speed rail, subway, chemical industry, heavy machinery equipment and wire and cable in automobiles, municipalities and large factories. Because the heavy-duty connector achieves a good protection effect on the cable on the traditional connector, and the application field on the market is also wider, so the application field of the heavy-duty connector is very large, and the export volume Also relatively large.

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