TXGA technical support

To provide reliable technical support for customers, connector companies must first have a strong technical level, and TXGA has done it.

TXGA's R&D investment accounts for more than 6% of annual sales, has more than 100 practical patents and inventions, and is certified as a national high-tech enterprise.

With product as the axis, more than 20 professional R&D engineers from TXGA form a project team to provide you with one-to-one technical support through joint collaboration with various departments.

In pre-sales selection guidance and customized R&D, TXGA senior engineer team can provide customers with first-class customized solutions based on customer performance requirements, product budget and application environment, combined with their own industry experience.

After-sales service, relying on the F2C platform, we achieved instant response under digitalization and provided customers with remote assistance in time. Help customers diagnose and solve the technical problems that may be caused by the product in the process of using the connector product. Realize worry-free shopping.

Today's TXGA has a wealth of high-precision, low-cost, high-performance connector development experience. Accumulatively, it has provided innovative and reliable systematic connection solutions for more than a thousand companies in the automotive, military, aviation and other high-tech fields, which is trustworthy.


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