TXGA delivered on time

What determines the order lead time? R & D capabilities? Production capacity? Warehouse management ability?

TXGA guarantees punctual delivery from multiple dimensions.

TXGA takes the standard mold base quick mold change as the design concept, uses professional engineering analysis methods (tolerance analysis, failure mode analysis) and simulation software (finite element analysis method, mold flow analysis) to avoid design errors and ensure product functions meet specifications. It can effectively shorten the development time and quickly submit the design plan required by the customer.

We have invested heavily in advanced connector production equipment, established two product production modes, automated production lines and semi-automated production lines, and cooperated with each other to greatly increase production capacity and product qualification rate. The connector automation productivity reaches more than 80%, and the maximum daily production capacity can reach one million. Meet the various needs of customers and ensure timely delivery.

TXGA has a super large finished product warehouse, covering an area of ​​about 3000 square meters; it can hold up to 9000 cubic meters of goods at the same time, which realizes the information management of the warehouse, and the arrival inspection, warehousing, outgoing, allocation, and displacement of the warehouse goods , Inventory, etc. have data collection, real-time grasp of inventory dynamics and rapid scheduling. Guarantee the timely delivery of goods with strong storage capacity.

In the last step of delivery-delivery, TXGA adopts a combination of self-delivery and TPL third-party delivery, and cooperates with professional logistics service companies to ensure that the transportation process is standardized and safe. Standard parts are shipped on the same day, providing a solid guarantee for the timely delivery of goods.