T+ aggregation innovation mobile phone tutorial is here, anytime, anywhere, convenient promotion

The "T+ Convergence and Innovation" activity was initiated by TXGA, a key global connector supplier.

Join T+ Polymerization to become a founder. When the creator and the invited customer have successfully established a promotion relationship, every order placed by the invitee, the creator can get corresponding cash rebates and points. At the same time, the invitees can also apply to become creators and establish their own promotional relationships.

T+ aggregation creates changes, benefits from placing orders and benefits from promotion.

Maybe you have a need for connectors yourself, or maybe you just know people who need connectors. Now, join T+ Aggregation and Change, awaken the human resources sleeping in the mobile phone, and let work income and sideline income go hand in hand. Easily achieve small goals in life.
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Go to the TXGA official website on the mobile phone, log in to your account, click on my promotion, and apply to become a maker.
The way to promote

Method 1: Chuangyou is in the login state, enter the background and click my promotion. After clicking on the promotion method, you can click to copy the link or generate a QR code poster. Send the link or poster, and the invitee opens the registration, which means binding the invitation relationship.

Method 2: Enter the Chuangyou Center and click the send icon shown to share.

Method 3: Chuangyou enter the background, long press the invitation code shown to copy. After sending the invitation code, the invitee fills in the invitation code when registering the account, and the invitation relationship will be bound after registration.

Promotion revenue

Income withdrawal

After the order is completed, the cash enters the state of withdrawal. The minimum single withdrawal amount for Chuangyou is 100 yuan. Withdrawal channels include WeChat, Alipay, and bank cards. After the withdrawal is initiated, the cash will arrive in the account within three working days.

We boldly combine the production and R&D capabilities of traditional connector manufacturers and modern Internet communication models, aiming to bring industry benefits to every potential demander and serve more people.

The platform supports mobile and computer promotion anytime, anywhere, WeChat Alipay bank card can be withdrawn at any time, points can be exchanged for gifts in the mall at any time.

Enter TXGA official website [https://www.txga.com/] Join T+ Convergence and Change immediately. Let us gather needs, cooperate and win-win, create possibilities, and transform the industry.


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