What test items need to pass for board-to-board high-speed connectors?

The English name of the board-to-board connector is (Board-to-board Connectors), which is the connector product with the strongest transmission capability among all connector product types. The board-to-board connectors of mobile phones are mainly used for modules such as screens, cameras, motherboards, and batteries to realize the link between modules.

As a consumer electronic product, mobile phones use board-to-board connectors that are small, light, and high-performance. In modules such as hand screens, cameras, motherboards, and batteries, component connections are becoming more and more complex, and the integration level is getting higher and higher. , The demand for high-speed, narrow-pitch, low-profile, and multi-polarized board-to-board connectors is becoming more and more urgent.

In order to ensure the performance of the internal components of the mobile phone, in addition to improving the production process and solving the shortcomings of the industry, the quality control of the board-to-board connector is also essential. The test items of the board-to-board connector include: plugging force, clamping force, steam aging, salt spray, hot air return process (IR), vibration test, high temperature aging, constant temperature and humidity, cold and heat shock, quick plugging test, Contact resistance, insulation resistance, withstand voltage test, hardness test, spray paint thickness test, electroplating film thickness test, surface roughness test, tin resistance/solder resistance test.

These test items are an indispensable part of determining the performance of the connector. Only the connector whose test data passes the application requirements will become part of the consumer's mobile phone. Need a reliable and safe board-to-board high-speed connector, TXGA provides. TXGA original quality, complete specifications, same-day delivery, support for seven days no reason to return. Enter TXGA [Product Center], online ordering is more convenient.


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