Why don't the printers on the market only use the usb pin5 cable?

If you often contact the printer, you will find that different cable models to connect the printer to the computer will be different. This is because there are three printer cables on the market.

There are respectively, USB printing cable: generally one side is the USB port to connect to the computer, and the other side is the PIN5 port to connect to the printer. The transmission speed is fast, and it can be hot-plugged. After the connection is completed, the printer driver must be installed before printing from the computer normally. Parallel port printing line: Refers to the printing line that uses parallel transmission to transmit data. Because this interface is easily damaged and the transmission speed is slow, it is basically replaced by the USB interface. Serial port printing line: Serial port is also called serial communication interface (usually referred to as COM interface), which is an extended interface using serial communication.

Most printers use USB data cables. This kind of USB data cable is different from the USB data cable we usually use in mobile phones. The standard USB interface is connected to the computer, and the "square" USB interface is connected to the printer.

The reason for the emergence of a variety of printer-side cable models is mainly because of the development of the printer industry, which requires continuous innovation of cable models to meet the needs of users. However, relatively old models also have a large stock in the market and will not be eliminated immediately. Therefore, there is a situation where multiple models exist at the same time.

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