Various processing and molding methods for flat cable connectors

Flat cable connectors, referred to as FFC/FPC connectors, are mainly composed of terminals, plastic shells, locking buckles and positioning solder feet. The plastic case is rectangular, and the upper and lower ends of the inside are penetrated, the upper end is an open end, and the lower end is a terminal end, and the terminals are arranged in order and fixed on the terminal end. The number of terminals is usually determined according to requirements, such as 6, 12, 24 and so on.

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The insulation of flat cables includes soft polyvinyl chloride, polyester and fluoroplastics. The processing properties of these polymer compounds are different, and different processing methods must be used to make them shaped.

1. Direct extrusion method: use a plastic extruder to directly extrude the flat cable with a die, such as the flat cable machine of kablel company in West Germany and the flat cable machine of mailfler company in Switzerland;

2. Laminating method: The wire and plastic are pressed into a cable through a pair of rollers. This method can be divided into two types according to the source of the plastic film. One is called the extrusion film laminating method, such as Showa Wire and Cable Co., Ltd. The flat cable machine; the other is called the prefabricated film lamination method, such as the ribbon cable machine of the 23rd Research Institute of the Ministry of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering;

3. Bonding method: Two pieces of film are bonded to the wire through an adhesive, such as the polycool flat cable machine of No 20 factory above;

4. A method between the two molding methods, such as a shielded flat cable machine that combines extrusion and lamination.

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