TXGA official website wire harness customization service is online

Why do we need custom wiring harness?
With the development of the times, the application environment of various industrial equipment is becoming more and more complex, and the performance requirements are constantly improving. The standard wiring harness lacks pertinence, and it is difficult to solve the customer's special application requirements. Therefore, innovative equipment often requires customized wiring harnesses to provide professional solutions.
TXGA official website has officially launched the wire harness customization service!
When you have a wiring harness customization requirement, you only need to upload the relevant customization requirement on the official website to confirm the order online. After the order is generated, the wiring harness will automatically enter the production process and be delivered to you on time.
So how does it work? I'll introduce to you right away.
01 Make a request
Go to the harness customization page from the homepage.
Fill in the basic contact information after logging in.
Upload project information. Including project name, expected delivery date, project drawings, PDF, etc. Check the options that can be changed, including color, material, brand, and form of expression (such as replacing single-core wire with multi-core wire). Engineers will design flexibly without affecting product functions.
Fill in the quantity. Not only supports uploading the BOM list, but also simply fills in the number of items and the required quantity of each item.
After confirming the content, you can submit the customized requirements.
02 Project evaluation
After submitting the order, you can enter the personal center-My Customization to view the progress of the order. When the project status is a new requirement in red, the representative is waiting for the engineer to evaluate the project. The evaluation time is 1-3 working days.
After the evaluation is completed, the customer will be notified of the evaluation result via mobile phone or email. Remind customers to confirm the order on the TXGA official website as soon as possible.
03 Project confirmation
The customer clicks on the project details, confirms the materials, expenses, and delivery date. After confirming that they are correct, they can click to confirm. The project is officially generated.
04 Generate order
After the project is generated, the payment operation can be carried out. After payment, the order enters the production process, and TXGA will arrange the production immediately to ensure that the product is delivered on time.
TXGA wiring harness customization service supports small batch orders, plan optimization, and one-stop production. Enter the TXGA official website and immediately customize your exclusive industrial solution.
If you have other needs or want to know more, you can call 0755-2810 2800, and we will be happy to serve you.