Development trend of SATA connector industry

SATA connector, as one of the subdivision types of connector, is widely used in PC, SSD, server, network storage system and other fields. SATA was jointly initiated by Intel, IBM, Dell, apt, Maxtor and Seagate in 2001. SATA connector has excellent sensitivity in data transmission speed and good compatibility with other connector series products in configuration.
At present, the mainstream SATA connector specifications in the market are 7p, 15p, 7 + 15p, 7 + 6p and eSATA connector 7p series. Of course, these are only popular series products at present. With the development of the market, major connector manufacturers are also pushing through the old and bringing forth the new. In fact, the series with less consumption, such as 6p, 7 + 7 + 15p, also perform quite well in the corresponding application fields.
SATA connectors offer many benefits in terms of power consumption, ease of installation, hot plug support, internal cooling, and drive configuration. Because of its economical price, it realizes a higher level of excellent performance, high capacity, high protection and easy use for external storage solutions. With the development of the storage industry, SATA connectors have also begun to change to serial technology, and chip manufacturers and connector manufacturers are advancing in this direction. At the same time, miniaturization, ease of use, high connectivity and hot plug are still the focus of product development of various manufacturers.
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