Three functions of industrial connectors

In harsh industrial environments. The main function of the connector is to protect the normal operation of the equipment, so that the equipment is not affected by the external environment, and to avoid the short-circuit phenomenon of the electrical equipment failure. It can be seen that industrial connector products play a very important role in industrial equipment, and these important roles are inseparable from its three functions, which are as follows:

The first function is the connection function, in which the plug-in force test of the industrial connector is a test method to detect its performance. The connection function of the connector is an important factor that determines the service life of the device. Similarly, the structure and sliding friction index of the connector contacts will also affect the service life of the industrial connector.

The second function is the contact resistance, insulation resistance and electrical strength of industrial connectors. Since the industrial connector is a device to prevent leakage and short circuit caused by external problems, it must have the function of protecting electrical appliances.

The third function is the self-protection function of the industrial connector to the environment. It has good waterproof, dustproof, high temperature resistance and other characteristics, and has the functions of anti-shock and anti-shock. The reliability and robustness of industrial equipment depend on the inevitable collisions of equipment in industrial production.

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