TXGA high-performance SMA connectors to minimize RF signal loss

TXGA high-performance SMA RF connectors, with brass body and gold-plated contacts, have excellent electrical performance and environmental performance.

Characteristic impedance 50Ω

VSWR 1.35 Max

Voltage - 335V max

Insulation resistance 5000MΩ Min

Withstand voltage 1000V AC r.m.s

Operating temperature range -55℃+125℃

Frequency range 0~6GHz

The shielding layer of the supporting cable of the product adopts silver-plated copper braided shielding, which can reduce the loss of radio frequency signals, improve the transmission accuracy and stability, and achieve excellent radio frequency performance. Key application areas include: wireless applications, base stations, telecommunications, consumer devices, home appliances, antennas, infotainment, factory automation, enterprise, IoT, avionics, test and measurement, autonomous driving. The connector spot platform TXGA provides safe, reliable, and reasonably priced SMA connectors in stock, factory-operated, online purchase, and one-click ordering. Entering TXGA [Product Center], online ordering is more convenient.