How much do you know about the advantages and disadvantages of pogo pin connectors?

Pogo pin is a precision connector used in electronic products such as mobile phones. With the help of thin and light smartphones and the rise of smart wear, the demand for high-current connectors and magnetic data cables has increased, making pogo pin connectors more popular. The application is more frequent, and the smart digital products on the market now basically use the pogo pin connector. Advantages of pogo pin connectors include: 1. The pogo pin connector has a large amount of compression, which can reduce the pressure of the spring. 2. The size of the pogo pin connector is relatively small, which can save space better, and the contacts are more accurate and stable. 3. The pogo pin connector has a long service life. 4. The appearance of the pogo pin connector is more fashionable, and the texture is thick, which is more suitable for those high-end electronic products. 5. Pogo pin connector manufacturers are faster in making POGOPIN connectors, and the cost is relatively low, so there is no need to open molds. At the same time, the pogo pin connector also has its disadvantages: 1. The pogo pin connector requires high precision, and it is easy to cause a high defect rate. 2. The contact point of the pogo pin connector will not move during the compression process. If there is foreign matter or dirt in the contact position, the connection failure is prone to occur. To reduce the impact of shortcomings on the use of connectors, you need to choose a good manufacturer. TXGA, a professional pogo pin connector manufacturer, produces a variety of pogo pin connector products, with sufficient inventory, fast delivery, support for customization, and one-stop purchase. Enter [Product Center] to learn more.