Board to Board Connectors Pitch:0.40mm Pitch:0.50mm Pitch:0.80mm Pitch:1.00mm Pitch:1.27mm Pitch:2.00mm Pitch:2.54mm D-SUB Connectors High current Type Assembly shell Stamping terminal type Riveting press terminal type Stamping pin Combo type IDC type Machined terminal type Assemblies Waterproof USB Connectors Micro Type 3.1 C Type USB Connectors MiNi Type A Type B Type Micro Type 3.1 C Type Adapter SCSI Connectors SCSI Hoods Pitch:1.27mm Network connectors(RJ45/RJ11) RJ45 RJ11 Adapter Automotive Connectors OBD Pitch:3.00mm Circular Connectors M12 Type M16 Type Machined Terminals Crown Spring / Machined Terminal Wire to Board Connectors Pitch:0.80mm Pitch:1.00mm Pitch:1.20mm Pitch:1.25mm Pitch:1.50mm Pitch:2.00mm Pitch:2.54mm Pitch:2.50mm Pitch:3.00mm Pitch:3.50mm Pitch:3.96mm Pitch:4.00mm Pitch:4.14mm Pitch:4.20mm Pitch4.50mm Pitch:5.03mm Pitch:5.08mm Pitch:6.20mm Pitch:6.35mm Pitch:7.50mm Pitch:8.00mm SIM Card Connectors MiNi Type Micro Type Nano Type SD Card Connectors Standard Type Micro Type FPC/FFC Connectors Pitch:0.30mm Pitch:0.50mm Pitch:1.00mm Pitch:1.25mm Pitch:2.54mm Pin Header Pitch:1.27mm Pitch:0.80mm Pitch:1.00mm Pitch:2.00mm Pitch:2.54mm Female Header Pitch:0.80mm Pitch:1.00mm Pitch:1.27mm Pitch:2.00mm Pitch:2.54mm SIP Connectors Pitch:2.00mm Pitch:2.54mm Box Header Connectors Pitch:1.27mm Pitch:2.00mm Pitch:2.54mm Ejector Box Header Pitch:1.27mm Pitch:2.00mm Pitch:2.54mm IDC Connectors Pitch:1.27mm Pitch:2.00mm Pitch:2.54mm Battery Connectors Button shape type Spring pin type Pogo pin type RF Connectors SMA SMB MCX MCRF DVI Connectors HDMI Connectors A Type C Type Slot Connectors Pitch:2.54mm Cable Assemblies Multi-Conductor Single Conductor RF Cable Assemblies IDC Cable assemblies D-SUB Cable Assemblies Lan Cable Assemblies Flat Cable Assemblies USB Cables SCSI Cables Assemblies FFC Cables Pitch:0.50mm Pitch:1.00mm Circular cable M8 Type M12 Type Display Port Connectors Standard Type IC Sockets Pitch:2.54mm IEEE1394 connectors Terminal Blocks Pitch:5.00mm PCI Connectors Pitch:0.80mm Phone Jack Power Jack(AC/DC) ∅2mm SATA Connectors Pitch:1.27mm LVDS Connectors Pitch:0.50mm Printed Circuit Connectors Pitch:2.54mm

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