Fifteen years of trials and hardships to create another glorious Tesjia

With a flick of his finger, fifteen years in a hurry. Since its founding in 2005, Tesijia has spanned fifteen years from the insignificance to glory. Until today, it has been the industry leader. Through fifteen years, we have established a professional, dedicated and trustworthy team. Through the integration and innovation of resources, new optimizations in R&D, supply and warehousing are carried out to better lay a solid foundation for the upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

At the 15th anniversary party, we can see that the four corporate cultures of Transcendence, Dedication, Commitment, and Care have penetrated into each of our employees. We have the courage to innovate and surpass. In the extremely important R&D project of circular connectors, new people are added, with new ideas, new visions, and new capabilities to inject a transcendent technical level into the product. For the needs of customers, we continue to innovate ourselves to adapt to the challenges. The difficulties in this process were overcome by Jiaren with a good sense of professionalism. We shoulder responsibility for cooperation, employee responsibility, industry responsibility, and public responsibility. We promise to continue to provide flexible and efficient systematic connection schemes, and do our best to create value for customers and society by improving working methods and introducing newer production equipment. We believe that caring for employees is not only a material incentive, but more importantly, it provides a positive atmosphere, a development platform full of opportunities, and a lofty and feasible goal.

A long-lived company will always be a company with a firm spirit and a vision. On this point, Tesca took 15 years to build. We believe that the long-term development of an enterprise relies on a deep insight into the future and a down-to-earth style of behavior.

The seeds sown in the last fifteen years will begin to germinate in the next fifteen years. And to grow into a towering tree, you still need to face countless wind and rain. All Jiaren will continue to work together to return the trust and recognition of all customers with better products. Build the foundation of science and technology for all innovative industries.