Move to a new plant and start a new journey! TXGA invites you to start a bright future of inclusive sharing

On auspicious day, the TXGA Annual Planning Work Conference and Huizhou Factory Relocation Dinner will be held on April 17, 2021.

At the work meeting, the heads of the main departments respectively introduced their work results in 2020 and important projects in 2021.

In 2020, TXGA will overcome the market adversity and stand out from the test of the epidemic, the difficulty of resuming work, and soaring material prices. Not only achieved a substantial increase in sales, but also received recognition from more customers and the care of the government.

In 2021, upholding the combination of customization and self-research, TXGA will continue to adhere to research and development as the core, while optimizing and innovating all aspects of the company's production and sales. Emphasize the combination of product quality hard power and sincere service soft power, to provide more technology companies with widely applicable connector products and technology-oriented customized services. Build a win-win and shared value system with partners.

At the working meeting, the general manager of TXGA delivered a speech.

In his speech, he first affirmed the achievements of various departments in the work report in 2020. It also means that the market is growing amidst changes, and changes are often full of risks. To be a company that adapts to changes, TXGA must first understand customer needs, provide customers with truly valuable products and services, and become an irreplaceable company.

In the wave of the times, TXGA must be brave to deal with changes, and even actively participate in changes. Just as daring to be a pioneer a few years ago, it was the first to build an independent factory directly operated online store in the connector industry.

It is precisely because the original TXGA was able to think that others did not dare to think, and that others did not dare to do it. Today, TXGA provides customers with services such as inventory query, online procurement, same-day shipment, order tracking, online technical support, free download of data, and 1PCS starting sales for customers through its online platform. Realize the full-process online response, which brings more convenience to connector procurement.

Regarding the relocation of TXGA's new factory, the general manager said that with the development of business and the expansion of the company's scale, customers' requirements for our production capacity and product quality are constantly improving, and the relocation of the new factory is a matter of course.

The new plant is located in the No. 3 plant of Qiaoxing Industrial Park, Jinquan Road, Xiaojinkou, Huicheng District, Huizhou City, Guangdong Province. Not only is the transportation more convenient, but the space planning is more reasonable, and the production environment is more standardized, which can meet ISO, GSO99 and other standards, and further cover the diverse production needs of customers.

The new plant has an area of ​​more than 5,000 square meters, and the production line covers proofing, stamping, electroplating, injection molding, assembly and the final inspection process. A complete production line and strict production requirements can implement product quality control to the extreme and provide customers with a truly one-stop worry-free service.

Move to new home in Vientiane and renew, Ming Jiu Tian Magnificent Exhibition! The full opening of the new factory marks a new chapter in the development of TXGA. TXGA will stand at a new height, a new starting point, and embark on a new journey to take off again.

At the banquet, a number of suppliers, cooperative enterprises, and customers attended, and they toasted with all the honorable people, and jointly offered blessings for TXGA's new plant.

Looking back, we look forward to the future even more.

Smug, we have embarked on the journey;

In the future, TXGA will continue to work with colleagues in various industries to create a bright future of inclusiveness and sharing.

Build the foundation of science and technology for all innovative industries.