The main content of fpc connector appearance test

FPC is also called flexible printed circuit board. Popular point is to use soft materials (folding, bending materials) made of PCB. FPC connector is mainly used for the connection line of the rear fingerprint identification module, the connection line of the main and sub boards, and the connection line of the mobile phone screen to the driving circuit (PCB). The performance of FPC connector directly affects the use of mobile phones, so in the manufacturing process of FPC connector, testing is a very important part.
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The test items of FPC connector include appearance test, electrical performance test and reliability test. The main contents of appearance test include:
Check the FPC connector surface for blistering, cracking, delamination and other defects
Check if the back of FPC connector is sticky
Is the size and specification of FPC connector consistent and the tightness of male and female seat
Observe whether the FPC function is abnormal after bending, and whether the chip element is displaced
Observe whether there are false welding, less tin, continuous tin, discoloration, deformation and other defects
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