Micro SD card socket connector, suitable for SD4.0 memory card

The SD card socket connector produced by TXGA can quickly read various forms of digital files from the SD card, and can also transfer the data from the Internet and other information source devices to the SD memory card simply, quickly and safely to meet data storage requirements. need. The product has the characteristics of fast data transmission rate, long service life, flexible installation and strong compatibility.

TXGA provides various types of SD card socket connectors in stock, which are stable and durable, original factory customization, and quick delivery of stock. Enter the TXGA [Product Center] to place an online order for convenient procurement.

Performance parameters

Maximum current per contact 0.50A

Voltage - 100V max

Contact resistance 30 mΩ Max

Insulation resistance 1000 MΩ Min

Withstand voltage 500V AC r.m.s

Product advantages

1.85mm low profile, surface mountable on printed circuit boards

The card holder adopts a self-elastic structure, which is easy to insert and remove, and the contact is stable.

Compatible with SD4.0 memory card

Using high-performance heat-resistant resin material PPS, ul94v-0 grade flame retardant

Supports operation from -25ºC to 80ºC

The product packaging method is tape and reel packaging, which can be directly used for machine placement

Industry application

The Micro SD card socket connector developed and produced by TXGA is widely used in intelligent monitoring, supercomputer, vehicle video recorder and other equipment.